Warranty and Installation


This product does come with 18 Months warranty which full fills inherent termites, manufacturing defects and borer issues.

The warranty does apply to the frame, mechanisms, if any, for upholstered products.

This limited warranty doesn’t apply to the following:

Normal wear and tear caused to the item due to prolonged use

Cracks developed during the displacement of the item.

Damages, small cuts, or scratches due to impacts/accidents or wrong cleaning methods

Damage caused by the customer to the product due to incorrect assembly/installation.

Wood decaying caused by consistent exposure to water.

Direct exposure to sunlight causes Fading.

Use of harsh chemicals or Non-standard dry-cleaning procedures.

Unevenness of up to 25 mm is accepted widely because of differences in floor and surface levels, as per the industry standards which isn’t covered in warranty.

Manufacturing defects are recognized as collapsing of cushions, namely if your seat or back cushions sink in and do not spring back.

Normal wear or normal usage isn’t covered under warranty. With regular usage all the cushions softhens and abides to the shape of the user with time.

Fibre-filled armrests and backs will flatten with regular usage.

There isn’t warranty on the upholstery except on the luxury range of fabrics

Between the images here and the actual product, there can often be a slight difference in wood finish and fabric color which happens due to the difference in screen calibrations and resolutions across different displays

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